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Donal Daly

The best thing about SaaS is that it's really easy to get started; plug into the cloud, use the in-place infrastructure, build the app.

But there's rain in those clouds for the inexperienced.

When bugs appear and patches have to be applied - every user is impacted. When data is stored in one region - others are concerned about Data Protection in Europe, or The Patriot Act in the US. Release management is critical, scalability testing essential, and applications require a high degree of data driven configurability, because customization doesn't work well in the cloud.

Sales productivity is, in my opinion, no less or more relevant for SaaS than On Premise - but is more critical now than ever before. For that to work well companies need to start with a sales process.

Here's link to a free resource that I think will help a lot. If you think it's useful please talk/tweet/blog about it.


Donal Daly
CEO, The TAS Group

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