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Raja Saggi

Max - you have spent too much time with techies - you sound like an Omniture marketing manager :-).

Not surprising that Facebook resulted in so much negative feedback - it is a graveyard of marketing money, but there have been some major hits as well. Also interesting that each channel with negatives had positives - clearly there is a lot of expensive learning going on. Great news for agencies.

koen lenssen

Hi Max,

Thanks for the summary. Interesting insights and a pity you can't share the slidedeck.

Also, were there more words om e-mail marketing or was that largely included in the other categories? Is it the main marketing tool for these companies anyway?

Lastly, beyond the marketing,what kind of methods to these start-ups use to analyse all their data and action upon? Any RFM (Recency, frequency, monetary value) analysis or other?

Keep posting this material!

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