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James Love

Max, I was intrigued, as you were, to hear about a SaaS company that had escaped our attention to reach such a size. Whilst I agree that there are certain aspects of this business that are software as a service I would suggest that a large part of the business does not benefit from the operational scalability of typical SaaS businesses. Behind the software is a support person or technician. In order to double revenues one needs to double people (utilsiation rates being the same). I would therefore class this as a support business with slick software front-end. No doubt however a good investment.


Hi James. Actually NTR does not provide any support services at all -- it enables software and services organisations to support their customers. And it is used by large corporates to support their "internal customers" eg employees. NTR is a pure technology provider and its solution is 100% web-based, multi-tenanted SaaS, with all the benefits of operational leverage that this implies.

James Love

Huge apologies - it is SaaS through and through! I have just had a very interesting session with the NTR Global sales guy taking me through the product. I am comparing it to a similar product from Parature (www.parature.com) that charges very significantly more for similar functionality.

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