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Nic Brisbourne

Nice post Max. The other part of the answer lies in VRM.

That is the only concept which gets over the problem that people don't like and don't see ads.


Nice ad by MS.

Roger Warner

great post max... i'd agree the future lies in more direct methods of engagement and influence, rather than the 'build it and hope they come' (or click) model.

the key to this is the fact that whilst ad outlets proliferate, our attention span is reducing and our capacity to get excited about blatant ads is waning fast.

we'd call the new way of doing things 'pico-branding'. i've linked to a post on the idea here.

as you say - it's all about getting out there and engaging directly with your audiences in other parts of the web - social netowrking hubs, blogs, etc. we'd envisage an army of copywriters and 'ambassadors' doing the job, rather than a bunch of creatives dreaming up a TV ad or a banner.

i do think though that the mainstream advertisers are getting there quick and that there won't be such a delay between the innovators and the laggards. we see a bunch of big brands doing great things in terms of web engagement right now - dell, lego, etc. its good to see!


THESE DUDES AT ENDEMOL ARE REALLY "IN THE ZONE." Modest scale testing of new channels. Leveraging across platforms (web video + retail CD distribution = [maybe] more than the sum of the two). Avoiding the temptation to substitute big spending for big thinking. Test test test, all along the way. Awesome! What an intellectual & managerial powerhouse! Dear Endemol: GO GET 'EM, TIGER!

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London, UK & Brittany, France

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