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Fred Destin

honestly theFunded can be gamed, tends to refuse entrepreneurs they don't like, etc etc. It's really not worthy of the exposure it has been getting and this sounds like a stupid, desperate move. As you know, I don't mind or even relish transparency, I just find that site is a joke. Entrepreneurs were the first to give up on it, let's all do the same.


Thanks for calling Startup Company Lawyer indispensable.

The Founding Member

To clarify: TheFunded.com allows any Founder or CEO from anywhere in the world join for free and participate in the community. The only requirement is that the individual applies for Membership and follows the application guidelines clearly.

TheFunded.com is completely run by the Members of the community: Members request features that get developed, they write all of the content, and they provide the underlying data. The site provides tools for the Members themselves to regulate the environment, even allowing Members to remove posts from the public view by disagreeing with the contents.

As Founding Member, I welcome any constructive criticism that leads to productive site development. Please let me know here:


TheFunderd is not free

If the funded is free then I'm a sucker for paying for my membership!!!

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