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I've read conflicting opinions on the motivations behind the fund. Some sources stated Index's intent to invest in new startups, others say Index will be focused on their existing portfolio. Did you have any insights on this, Max?


I am closely following the development of VC and startup scene in Russia. It should be also coming of age. Please see my insights on http://blog.quintura.com

Martin Buhr


I'll be in London Feb 5-7, and would love to meet you and your partners to get your perspective on the European startup ecosystem. Amazon Web Services is making a significant impact on the startup ecosystem here in US, and has recently started expanding into EMEA.



About these guys at Index Ventures ... WOW! HAVE THEY ASSEMBLED A DREAM TEAM OR WHAT? They are really ready to make some intelligent moves in life sciences and biotech. I can't help noticing that Index Ventures hired Guido Magni, former global head of medical sciences at Roche, to head up the investment teams for the new technology and biotechnology fund. Guido Magni had a world class pedigree, even before joining Roche in 1993. But it doesn't end there. I decided to rummage through their personnel and see what that revealed. They have an analyst, Daniel Bach, with a Master's Degree in Start-up Business Administration and a PhD in Molecular Biology from the Universitat de Barcelona. One foot in science and one foot in business. PERFECT! When it comes to results, these dudes are going to set the world on fire.




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