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The Economist is my favourite newspaper, but this sounds like a real trainwreck. Some of my personal highlights from the report:

The subtitle 'A story of innovation'. Sir Humphrey: "Always get the difficult bit out of the way in the title. It does less damage there than in the main body."

Page 7, we haven't even got onto their recommendations and they're whining about the size of their office.

Page 8, the team go sightseeing around London on the company's dollar and the company's time. Nice work if you can get it.

Page 10, tip number 3 is "Abrogate all responsibility for your ideas because it'll all end in tears otherwise." Now there's an innovative environment.

Page 18, Arctic Monkeys reference. Wow, these guys are cool. I bet they listen to two iPods at once.

In short, sounds like a corporate out-of-the-office strategy brainstorming day, only it lasted six months. Six months of trying to think of bland, pointless nonsense to write on a flipchart (the box-out on page 7 is a masterpiece of dross). This isn't a white paper, it's a vision of hell.

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