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I'm an investor in the testcard.tv service you've highlited.
We're asking people to take part in an informed debate via our blog - http://blog.testcard.tv/
Feel free to contribute.


www.tvcatchup.com is great for me as i cannot receive freeview where i live.

it's also got a big plus on the regular freeview box in that you can watch anything recorded by another user in the past.

not great now as the site is new, but in a few weeks time this could have a nice archive of shows not available elsewhere


www.tvcatchup.com works great for me, too. No comparison with the aggregator/indexer sites, as it hosts legal content (why steal something when it's already free?). And a 10G PVR (coming on official launch day) doesn't exactly equate to a cheap freeview box, at least you can watch the site at work or when travelling. Try that in Spain (where I live)

Tony Montana

Bummer men..!! :( it's totally unfair, he was just linking, not hosting and that's not illegal. Anyway, the best replacement is http://www.sidereel.com they have all the tv series, movies and music vids.... ;) and also stage6 or dailymotion...

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