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Your points are well made. These social networking things are positively raining upon me from the sky (or wherever they come from). I decided to be completely mercenary and turn all of them into promotional materials for my freelance business writing.

I got lured onto/into Facebook by a real-world friend who sent me an invitation. I accepted. Then I clicked here and there and (I think this is what happened) Facebook started going through my e-mail address book and sending invitations to EVERYBODY in it.

So, I may have unknowingly been one of the people who asked you to be my friend. I am not unhappy to have been ignored. If Facebook does anything else on my behalf without my knowledge, feel free to ignore that, too.

STRANGELY, in the first two days after being sucked into Facebook, it brought me two new clients -- out of the blue.

So, I'm just using Facebook as a free, online sales brochure.

London, UK and Brittany, France


Nic Brisbourne

Hey Max,

I get more into Facebook as the weeks go by. Yesterday I was writing an article on virtual worlds, posted that to my status on Facebook and got two messages with ideas I could use. Good stuff.



Could not agree more, Max.
Having to face the same plague on a daily basis. If anything, it makes me doubt the quality of my own friends.
Ion Equity

DJ Boba Fett

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