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you are aware there is a 'skip this step' button on the page where facebooked spammed all your friends.

kerry ritz

of course you do know that are two parts to the facebook signup: one it looks for your existing friends who are already in facebook so you arent really spamming them--youre connecting with them. the other part of facebook automatically checks the boxes of all of your contacts who are not in facebook and then sends them a request IF YOU DONT ASK TO OPT-OUT--instead facebook should provide an opt-in rather than opt-out.



I think facebook has recognized the fragility of the situation when it comes to removing friends.

When you remove your "friend", he/she receives no notification they have been taken off your friend list and can no longer see your profile.

On the flipside, you could create what facebook deems a "limited profile" in which you choose what content others (including your dubious "friend" or the general public) can see compared to your full-profile.


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