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Fred Destin

I am not sure I agree with you here (being an investor in DailyMotion :-)). What happened to the role of the aggregator in long tail environments ? I would not underestimate the value of the brand in emerging media. Where I agree is that YouT is prob too much based on a search paradigm. Also ad based monetisation takes massive scale and is not possible for the smaller guys. On the Alexa data, once you have fully penetrated the user base (as they have) it is no longer a valid indicator of growth. YouT is today growing in non Alexa regions.

Nic Brisbourne

Good post Max. I think Fred is right that we will access the long tail of content via aggregators - the big question is whether YouTube/DailyMotion etc. can execute well enough on their channel strategies to beat the niche aggregators that will doubtless emerge.


We perfectly agree with you. Content and websites in video will be more themetics orientated as we are.
Advertisers and Content owners need dedicated platforms to build a true ecosystem with a strong brand and marketing.


Colin Donald

There's no doubt about the growth of the niche services. We counted 80 video social networking services recently. However, YT can still maintain dominance for the massive long tail of general video sharing - all those vids shared amongst friends that never get more than 20 or 50 views.

But with Google owning YT, where does that leave Google in terms of impartiality in its search results for video, particularly now that video is integrated into the main results? As Google is the de facto search monopolist, it raises an interesting potential conflict of interest...


Mark Vane

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