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Nic Brisbourne

Good post. I remain skeptical about CPM banner sales. My gut tells me people just don't see them, and I hear similar things from people in 'the know'.

CPA gets over this.

The other question I have is whether sophisticated formats will make much of a difference once people have gotten used to them.


Hi Nic,
I agree that we are becoming immune to most forms of advertising. But I do think that better formats will make a difference, so long as they're coupled with better targeting and more relevant ads. Check out http://www.videostrip.co.uk/ for the types of video formats that could make a difference.

In this week's Economist analysts are quoted as saying that display advertising is now growing faster than search. No numbers yet, but interesting anecdote...

CPA is great for measurable actions, but the bulk of brand advertising is targeted at mindshare, which can't be measured so easily. So I think CPM still has a long way to go.

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