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Beth Kanter

I'm still conflicted on twitter ... some good and bad. But will it last? Time will tell. Read Kathy Sierra's post about twitter, quite informative.

Conor O'Neill


I don't think you're quite understanding how it works (as opposed to not getting it). It's a social network, I only see the tweets of those I choose to see. Scoble isn't one of them in my case. That public timeline has nothing to do with an individuals use of it.

Whilst the original intention of the site was to say "what am I doing now" (where the answer is of course "typing in twitter"), it has become something far more interesting than that.
People broadcast questions and ideas and yes, "having breakfast" messages. I've picked up a ton of useful tips, urls, ideas and topics for blog posts from the bunch of people who are in my network.

Do I care if they are eating a bagel? No. Do I care that they are in a hospital with their sick kid - damn right I do. Do I want to see important announcements in my industry asap. Oh yes.

I've seen a few useful business ideas pop up too and I expect to see many more.

It's not a cure for cancer, it's a tool. Sometimes useful, sometimes funny, sometimes annoying.

I detested the idea until I tried it.




Agree 100% with this:

"I predict a growing backlash against this trend of publishing every detail of our personal lives to the great Web."

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