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steve schlenker


Good post. Regular user of Tioti since I heard about it. The main issue I have is that I like a lot of the US shows that don't show in Europe, and the US sites that would let me pay for content in the US look at my URL address and shoot me down for the content, and while TIOTI is good there still needs to be a solution to let me buy place-shifted content



Have been looking at a similar issue for work recently, and wondering who will be first past the post to get the charging model and delivery right.

Joost seems to have the edge on delivery model. Google, through acquisition, have the social / community side and Apple have an established charge model. Nobody has the complete picture as far as I'm concerned.

All of this is still reliant on content being available, and as things stand we (in Europe) are still chasing shadows on getting quality content at a reasonable price.

Spatial dependency is so 18th Century :)

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