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Wow. I chose Google as my start page because of the quick loading on my home dial-up connection (lack of ads, etc.). But, yes, I do use it as a browser (but as a 2nd step browser: I use it within Firefox, not IE, for other reasons that matter to me.) If I have serious searching to do, however, I'm apt to start using other engines. So... I guess you're right. Good eye!

Nic Brisbourne

Good post Max. I am wondering if 'Google as navigation shortcut' will survive MSFT building search boxes into every aspect of the OS as part of Vista. Early info suggests that MSFT haven't gone as far with this as they might, but they are in a great place to beat Google on convenience.

Yousuf Khan

Watch out for a company called PowerSet based out of Silicon Valley. It has poached some heavy hitters from Google and it's search technology may well be in the "disruptive" category.

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