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Frank Felix Debatin

B2B Web 2.0 companies will chase the small and medium size businesses. E.g., take Bamboo's customer loyalty management web service offering for retailers.

Web 2.0 SMEs works because of (1) little or no upfront costs (2) no local maintenance (3) willingness and ability of SMEs to work with ever-changing "beta" software (4 and maybe most important) Web 2.0 providing a collaboration platform for SMEs, enabling them to bundle efforts in their competition against the big ones.

Someone spoke in relation with Web 2.0 of the "Power of the Tail": this is the exactly the point when considering B2B Web2.0.


Your absolutely correct frank, the beauty of web2.0 tools are two fold;

- It enables creation of a low cost delivery channel that enables both SME's and service providers to collaborate..."long tail" etc

- It enables individual SME's to leverage the channel to "open" their internal focussed business processes.

Besides considering the power of tail, enterprise web2.0 vendors should think about how they can use these tools to provide bottom line impact to the SME's and create real time value?

I am currently involved in developing a enterprise web 2.0 business, but don't like calling it enterprise web 2.0..as the developed application & tools enable enterprise to go "outside" of the fourwalls and create value for the business.

I am not too sure of the impact these tools will have in "vanilla" deployments internally to the organisation.

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